Investigation of low-temperature drying modes plant capillary-porous materials spherical shape

  • V.М. Pazyuk Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine
capillary-porous materials, drying, kinetics, generalized curve, drying rate


The results of experimental studies of the drying of capillary-porous materials of spherical shape from the influence of the temperature of the heat carrier are given.Spherical granules with a diameter of 2,2 mm were taken to determine the rational modes of drying of capillary-porous materials. For a better evaluation of the nature of the drying process, experimental design studies were carried out on a convective drying stand in an elementary layer.The program of automatic collection and processing of information allows obtaining data on changes in the mass and temperature of the sample during the removal of moisture, and also performs calculations of kinetics of drying in absolute and relative coordinates. This makes it possible to obtain and compare the kinetic and velocity characteristics of colloid capillary-porous materials drying faster, more accurately and reliably.By the method of Krasnikov V.V. the kinetics of drying of capillary-porous materials of spherical shape with a diameter of 2,2 mm with construction of a generalized drying curve with determination and calculation of drying coefficients is considered.The generalized curve of drying rate is constructed and obtained, which allows us to generalize the process of drying of a capillary-porous spherical material. Also, get the formula and determine the overall length of the drying process through the drying rate for each heat treatment.When comparing the values of the process length obtained by experimental studies and determined by the calculations, the experimental error from the calculation does not exceed 3%.The analysis of heat-mass-exchange processes of drying by means of calculations of temperature coefficient b, Rebinder Rb criterion, heat flow q and coefficient of heat transfer α from the influence of heat carrier temperature has been carried out.


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