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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • This article was previously not published and not submitted for review and publication in another journal (or given an explanation for this in the Notes to Editors).
  • File sent articles presented in OpenOffice document format, Microsoft Word, RTF, or WordPerfect.
  • Items have full Internet address (URL) for the links where possible.
  • Text typed with one and a half line spacing; used font type size of 12 points; to highlight the use italics rather than underlining (except in URL-addresses); all illustrations, graphics and tables are located at appropriate places in the text, rather than at the end.
  • Text meets stylistic and bibliograph requirements described in the Guidelines for Authors.
  • If you are submitting an article in a peer-reviewed section of the journal, the document met the requirements Ensuring blind review.

Author Guidelines

Requirements for registration of articles in international scientific and industrial journal "Ceramics: Science and Life"

Thematic orientation of journal: state and problems of modern science and industry in the development, manufacturing and introduction of energy-saving innovative technologies in the production of ceramic products.

All material items, for further work with them, must be submitted to the editors necessarily identical print and electronic forms.

Articles published in the specialized journal should contain the following elements in the Ukrainian and English:

  • Title of the article (without use of abbreviations)
  • Author(s): Initials and Surname, ORCID
  • Full official name of the organization(s), town(s), country(ies), which the author(s)
  • Abstract (Summary)
  • References
  • Text of the article, which should follow the structure of an example:


(Statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks, analysis of recent research and publications in which a solution of this problem, and which is based on the author)


(Formulation of the problem, highlighting unsolved aspects of the problem, which is devoted to this article)

Materials & methods

Results & discussion

(The basic material of research with full justification of scientific results)

The Conclusions (or outputs)

List of references (literary sources)

Prospects for further research

Manuscripts should not exceed 20 A4 pages of material (210x297 mm). This includes: the main text, formulas, tables, figures and captions, list of references.

It is strongly recommended to use for decoration materials text editors MS Word (file extension *.doc, *.docx) for Windows any version, Times New Roman font size 12 pt, half spacing between lines of text with fields: haute, bottom and right – 1,5 cm, left – 2,5 cm.

When using units must adhere to international system of units (SI). Formula should be separated from the main text and are numbered from the right in parentheses. Latin characters to be printed in italics, the Greek lines.

To submit to the editor the original manuscript of the text to be printed on a laser or inkjet printers is not less than 600 dpi with a resolution of one side of the sheet on white paper A4 format, as follows:

On the first page of the article:

  1. Title of the article (in the middle of the page).
  2. Name(s) & Surname(s) the author(s) of article, ORCIDs, name(s), organization(s) that performed the study or work.
  3. Abstract in Ukrainian and English (not less than 1800 printed chаracters). Authors are responsible for the adequacy and quality of the translation. Summary should be concise.

All symbols and abbreviations, if necessary, are removed from the text to the list of designations. Symbols are arranged in alphabetical order: first in Latin, then Greek, the upper and lower symbols and indices. When using abbreviations in the text must provide their decryption listed.

Figures. The article may be submitted up to 10 figures (photos), including fragment with the notation "a", "b", etc. All figures must be numbered and references to them in the text. Graphics quality should be capable of printing reproduction without additional processing. The resolution of the picture in the file of the manuscript is not less than 300 ppi. All symbols in figures accompanied by an explanation in the text or in the figure captions.

Tables. Each table should be clearly, have the serial number, which previously referred to in the text.

The list of references (literature sources) is provided at the end of the text. The list drawn up in order of mention in the text of the quoted source. The materials of the article links are indicated in square brackets after mentioning the borrowed data.

Each source should be submitted according to the current State Standard Ukraine 8302:2015. Bibliographic references should be indicated by transliteration in English letters.

The manuscript included:

  • The original of the examination of the possibility of the publication of articles in the press for the citizens of Ukraine certified by the round seal of the organization where the examination was carried out;
  • External review of the relevance of the work and relevance to the thematic focus of the journal with the obligatory indication of the scientific degrees and academic status of the reviewer, the seal of the organization that represents the reviewer;
  • Information about the authors (Full name, ORCID, science degree, academic rank, position, organization, address, contact phone numbers and e-mail).

Materials manuscript with all applications can be sent by mail, e-mail or personally delivered by the author at the editorial office.

The editors reserve the right to make cuts and changes insignificant editorial articles. The approximate date of publication of article sets the executive secretary of the editorial board.

Executive Secretary: Sc.D. Alexander Nedbailo.

Editorial address: The SE "EC "Drying"", Bulakhovskogo str., 2, Bldg. 2, Kiyv, 03164, Ukraine.

Tel. +380444240279, Tel./Fax +380444243283.

E-mail: icsushka@gmail.com

Privacy Statement

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