International scientific journal "Ceramics: Science and Life" publishes peer-reviewed original research articles and reviews on current aspects of technology, production equipment, materials, heat and mass transfer processes and devices, theory and drying practices of ceramic products, the energy efficiency of technological processes, the environmental component, use instrumentation and automation.


Papers received by the editorial board before publication must undergo peer review. Forms review articles: internal and external.

Executive secretary determines that the materials of the article claimed the profile of the journal, and directs it to the review expert who is close to the theme articles, scientific specialization.

Internal review can be made a member of the editorial board. The external review performed by a specialist in the subject, as well as certified by a competent person in accordance with the internal procedures of the organization which represents the reviewer may be attached to content articles.

the review period, in each case, determined by the executive secretary with the creation of conditions for maximum operational publication of the article.

In a review of the following issues should be analyzed:

  • compliance with the content of articles declared in the subject title;
  • that the materials become a modern achievements of scientific and technical progress;
  • acceptance of article possible readership, including stylistic presentation of the material;
  • the appropriateness of publishing articles based on existing publications on the subject;
  • determination of the advantages and disadvantages of article materials, corrections and additions to be made to the author before publication;
  • the absence of borrowings from the works of other authors without proper links to the past;
  • obligatory conclusion about the possibility of publishing an article in the journal "Ceramics: Science and Life", "recommended", "recommended in view of correcting these deficiencies reviewer" or "not recommended."

The presence of positive reviews is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on whether it is accepted by the editorial board.

The presence of positive reviews is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on whether it is accepted by the editorial board.

After Accepted decision to publish articles the executive secretary will inform the authors of the preliminary period, and indicates its publication.

Originals reviews are stored in the journal.


Names and e-mail addresses entered by visitors in the journal’s website will be used exclusively for internal technical procedures. Your names and e-mails will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


As part of the editorial policy of the journal has consistently adhered to publishing standards publications COP Code of Conduct, approved by the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

Materials submitted to the journal articles are reviewed by members of the editorial board of the publication and/or by independent experts on the basis of the principle of objectivity and the position of the current international academic standards.

The editors reserve the right to make stylistic corrections of the original manuscript. From the authors of the article are coordinated changes that, in the opinion of the editorial board, can change the meaning of the text.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the consideration of articles that do not meet the requirements and topics of the journal.

Allowed difference with the views of the editorial board, expressed in the article are the views and suggestions of the authors. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the article, the accuracy of the names and terms of statistical data, the names and the names of other persons, as well as citations are authors.

The editors reserve the right to edit an insignificant literary texts and some reduction while preserving the author's presentational style.

Published content items may not be used for publication in other scientific journals. In case of plagiarism is the responsibility of the authors of the submissions.


The Editorial Board shall make known to the authors that they are the proper personal responsibility for the authenticity of the contents of the original articles. In order to avoid incorrect borrowing materials or use of the results of third-party research, we ask the authors to adhere to the ethics of scientific citing.

To prevent possible plagiarism revision undertakes the following:

  • by decision of the responsible editor of the article material can be tested for the presence of loans from third parties work without proper reference to the original literary source;
  • article reviewer points out in its conclusion on the absence or presence of possible plagiarism in an article.

If in the process of analyzing materials found plagiarism, the article is not accepted for publication with the notification of the decision of the editorial board of the authors.


Policy journal in the field of copyright aimed at ensuring open access to research results.

By submitting an article to the editor the author(s) will automatically grant the right editors edit, print in the journal, as well as post content articles on the official website of the journal.

For authors unconditionally reserves the right to reproduce the content of the article in the course of teaching, to use the materials in any other article of its work to place a copy of the article for any other sources of mass media, with the obligatory indication of the source data in the journal article "Ceramics: Science and Life".


Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 55 dated January 27, 2010 "On ordering transliteration of Ukrainian" claims the official transliteration of Ukrainian, as well as sets the operating rules of transliteration of names and Latin names of citizens of Ukraine in the passport and other documents.

Transliteration cyrillic Russian alphabet Latin is recommended according to the current rules of the US State Department transliteration.


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