Properties of ceramic cover burial of nuclear wastes

  • O.D. Mihalchuk National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
multilayer ceramic glass, special ceramics, nuclear waste storage


The development of nuclear power makes focus on materials that provide the normal functioning of nuclear waste storage facilities of various types and provide environmental protection, starting with traditional (running on slow neu- trons) and ending with thermonuclear.

The burial of waste is carried out in multilayer containers, the materials of which must have specific properties. Among these materials, an important place is the special ceramics. When storing waste it is expedient to use heat-insu- lating ceramics (Al O , SiO).

The task of the expediency and advantages of using ceramic glasses as an integral part of a container for storage of radioactive waste is solved.

The use of a multilayer glass containing radiation waste consisting of metal and ceramic masonry located in one another can increase its durability, as well as reduce migration of radioactive substances. The addition of various impurities in ceramics also greatly affects the properties of ceramic products: the degree of radiation protection, service life, and more. In the study of the cooling process of the container, the temperature regimes in the repository are investigated.

Studies have confirmed that the use of ceramic glasses in the system of engineering barriers can significantly reduce the temperature around the container.


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