International Journal of Research and Production "Ceramics: Science and Life"

Founded in 2007 year.

Topics: technology, equipment, materials, heat and mass transfer processes and devices, the theory and practice of drying, the energy efficiency of processes, environment, instrumentation, automation of production.

Frequency of publication: 4 times a year.

Certificate of state registration KB №13065-1949P from 13.08.2007 year. The journal is included in the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine on technical sciences (Annex 7 to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 28.12.2017, No. 1714).

Publishing languages: Ukrainian, English.


Chief Editor – Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Anatoliy Dolinskiy.

Deputy Editor – Corresponding member NAS of Ukraine Andriy Avramenko

Executive secretary – Sc.D., Senior scientist Alexandr Nedbailo.

Members of the editorial board:

Dr.-Ing., Professor Hans-Bertram Fisher (Germany); Ph.D., Professor Yang Changhui (China); Professor Cristina Leonelli (Italy); Academician of NAS of Ukraine Yu. Snezhkin; Corresponding member NAS of Ukraine A. Avramenko; Sc.D., Professor P. Kryvenko; Corresponding member NAS of Ukraine B. Basok; Sc.D., Professor V. Gots; Sc.D., Professor L. Chernyak; Sc.D., Professor K. Pushkarova; Sc.D., Sc.D., Senior scientist V. Petrovskiy; Ph.D., Professor P. Zakharchenko; Sc.D., Professor Ye. Pysmennyy; Sc.D., Professor Ya. Kornienko; Sc.D., Senior Scientist Zh. Petrova; Sc.D., Senior Scientist A. Obodovich; Sc.D., Professor A. Akulich (Belarus); Sc.D., Professor N. Dzherembaeva (Kazakhstan); Sc.D., Professor I. Nazarenko; Sc.D., Ass. Professor M. Kuzminec; Ph.D., Senior Scientist O. Chaika; Ph.D. E. Telnikov; O. Chernyshyn

Editorial address: The State Enterprise "Engineering Center "Drying" Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine, str. Bulakhovskogo, 2, Bldg. 2, Kyiv, 03164, Ukraine.

Tel.: +380444240279, tel./fax +380444243283.


ISSN 2521-6694 (Print)
Key title: Keramika: nauka i ziznʹ (Print)
Abbreviated key title: Keram.: nauka i ziznʹ (Print)
Parallel title: Ceramics: science and life

ISSN 2521-6708 (Online)
Key title: Keramika: nauka i ziznʹ (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Keram.: nauka i ziznʹ (Online)
Parallel title: Keramika: nauka i zitta
Parallel title: Ceramics: science and life